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The use of Internet is increasing day by day, and so is the number of web sites. Each web site has its own cookie that contains all the data information of the site, and is stored on the system’s hard disk for future use. However sometimes these cookies may be harmful to the system.

To deal with such problems, Cookie Viewer is a much needed powerhouse software. It automatically scans the system for cookies. On completion, it lists all the cookies and the user can see the information or data stored within them. It also identifies the unwanted cookies that are stored within the system, hence they can easily be removed. The advanced user can perform the task manually.

Starting from version 1.1, Cookie Viewer has released many improved versions from 1.2, 2.0, down to 3.5.6, and 3.6 is the latest version. All the versions have their own importance such as finding cookies, remembering the last screen location, etc. But 3.6 differs from the rest as it is an advanced version that is specially developed for Windows Vista, and offers the best functionality by far involving significant changes such as the changes in the location where settings are stored, and an HTML-format help file.

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  • Very helpful for deleting unwanted cookies


  • New user may find it difficult to use
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